Engineering Excellence Centre


A great product needs the support of a flawless installation and excellent after-sales services. With this in mind, JCH-IN has created the Engineering Excellence Centre as its Sales Engineering and Training Department. These centres will act as a knowledge hub to give our mechanics, sales and service engineers the theoretical knowledge along with a hands-on experience of the products, their installation and after-sales services. The Engineering Excellence Centres will also focus on their interpersonal communication skills to turn our JCH-IN trainees into all-rounder cooling experts.

Our Goal

Training And Enhancing Skills

  • Live display of Hitachi products and practical training.
  • Training for problem identification and rectification.
  • Theoretical training of air-conditioning and the science behind it.
  • Soft skill training to enhance personality and presentation of the technical staff.
  • Minor details of brazing during product installation.
  • Importance of Smart Control Panels in air-conditioning.
  • Practical training and knowledge about Control Panels.

Engineering Excellence centre - A success story

With their presence in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, EECs are acing in providing technical knowledge and expertise to our employees, which is of utmost importance in the HVAC industry. The design of these EECs don’t just echo with the larger vision to develop competencies but also speak volumes about the expertise required in the HVAC market.

Inside The Engineering Excellence Centre

Study Rooms

A wide range of skill sets are required for installation, maintenance and repair of residential and commercial HVAC systems. Set up to create experts, the EEC has two classrooms that can accommodate 30 trainees each at a time. Equipped with WiFi connectivity, interactive tools and video conferencing facilities, these classrooms provide everything that our expert trainers need to impart advanced knowledge to the trainees. There will be level wise curriculums and study modules crafted out to create skilled service technicians, sales engineers and service engineers respectively. Multiple batches will help impart the technical skills required to create a qualified cooling expert.

Practical Training Rooms

Complementing the theoretical knowledge with practical hands on learning, there are seven exclusive training rooms in the EEC for each of our product segments namely, Room Air Conditioners, VRF Systems and Ductable Air Conditioners. There are two separate training facilities for the installation and after-sales services of both Room Air Conditioners and VRF Systems respectively, an after-sales services training facility for the Ductable Air Conditioners, a product training facility solely dedicated to the control systems and lastly and most importantly, a dedicated training facility for Brazing.
Installation And Service Training Room For Room Air Conditioners
The installation, maintenance and repair of a room air conditioner (Split and Window) is very crucial as an ill installed and poorly maintained AC can lead to lost efficiency and added electricity and repair charges. We have built two different training rooms for the service and installation of a RAC, dedicated to give technical knowledge along with practical training related to the product, installation standards of JCH-IN and after-sales service procedures

Installation and service training room For vrf systems (set free)

The VRF technology is a relatively new technology in the HVAC industry and there is a growing demand for VRF Systems in the market. JCH-IN aspires to build its leadership capabilities in this rising product segment and this is why we have two separate training rooms for installation and service of our VRF systems with R410A eco-friendly refrigerant (Top Flow and Front Flow VRF Systems, our entire range of IDUs and ODUs, AHU Kits, Cassettes, Ductable air conditioners, etc.). These training rooms are equipped with actual working VRF Systems with visible piping and electrical connections for demonstration & training purposes. They will also give product training through tear down & rebuilding, to create product learning along with best installation practices.

Service Training Room For Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged Air Conditioners are designed to cool multiple rooms, large spaces at home or offices. While the installation of a packaged air conditioning system is a big task in itself, the maintenance and repair of a packaged air conditioner is also crucial, as it requires an experienced engineer/technician team with solid skills and training. Thus, we have created an entire facility to focus on the annual maintenance and breakdown repair of the PAC systems.

Training Room For Controllers

Any technologically advanced air conditioning system is as good to its users as its simple and smart control systems. The advanced features of an air conditioner are of no use to the end user if they are unaware about the smart functions of the controller. Point of Sale, installation and after-sales services are the three main touch points between a customer and the product. Thus, educating our sales engineers, installation and service technicians about the control systems is very crucial as they in turn can not only educate the end users but also troubleshoot any issues with the controllers easily. Hence, JCH-IN has pioneered a dedicated training room for the controllers. Comprehensive information about wired and wireless controls along with central station for RAC, PAC and VRF systems will be given to our trainees.

Training Room For Brazing

Brazing plays a very critical role in commercial air conditioners. In order to create a leak-proof brazed connection in both VRF Systems and Packaged Air Conditioners, we will teach our trainees how to follow several key procedures.

Display Centre

The Display Centre displays our entire range of Air Conditioning Solutions starting from Room Air Conditioners, VRF Systems, Ductable Air Conditioners and Cassette ACs. Starting from our most premium Kashikoi 5400X to our super silent 1-Way Cassettes, our entire range of indoor units along with outdoor units are displayed here to give our trainees a comprehensive knowledge about the products.
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