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Easy-to-function remote Controllers that can control up to 160 Indoor units

Easy-to-function remote Controllers that can control up to 160 Indoor units

Remote Control Switch PC-AR

Compatible with the H-LINK II

  • The PC-AR has a design that matches the interior.
  • The new large LCD display permits users to see the operating conditions and settings.
  • The timer can be set at half-hour intervals up to 72 hours.
  • All the functions can be selected by remote control switches.
  • The PC-AR monitors the operating conditions in the system and an alarm is issued if a problem occurs.
  • A "self-diagnosis function" checks for problems on printed boards in indoor andoutdoor units.
  • Equipped with energy-saving functions such as a preset temperature range limiting function for preventing excessive cooling/heating and a preset temperature automatic reset function, as well as an operation locking mechanism and the capability to prevent users from forgetting to turn off the system.(Function selection setting is required)

Remote Control Switch PC-ARF

Compatible with the H-LINK II

  • The newly-adopted LED-backlit LCD provides enhanced legibility.Large, clear character display is realized by Full Dot Matrix LCD.
  • The newly-adopted directional key provides optimized operation.The manual operation is facilitated by reducing number of switch
    buttons from 13 to 9.
  • “Schedule Timer” provides the timer operations for “Run/Stop” and“Temperature Setting”. The weekly management is available by usingthis function. In addition “Holiday Setting” and “ScheduleON/OFF”setting are available.
  • 4 type of menus are offered for flexible use as follows:
    Menu: Contains “Schedule”, “Elevating Grill”, etc. for users.
    Help Menu: Contains information provided bythis remote control switch for users such as“About Indication”, “Contact Information”, etc. Test Run Menu: This menu provides the functionsinstallation of this remote control switch. Check Menu: This menu provides the functions for serviceand maintainance

Wireless Remote Control Switch PC-LH3C

Compatible with the H-LINK II

  • One-touch handy operation, no wiring work required.
  • Two or more units can be operated simultaneously by remote control.
  • Receiver kit is required.

Half-size Remote Control Switch

Compatible with the H-LINK II

  • The main function of this easy-to-use remote control system is temperature setting.
  • Operation modes can be switched over (when function selection setting is made).
  • Suitable for facilities used by various people, such as hotels.
  • "2 remote control" or "group control" (up to 16 max.) can be used.
  • If a problem occurs, an alarm code immediately shows the details of the problem.

7 Day Timer

Compatible with the H-LINK II

  • By using PSC-A1T with PSC-5S, PSC-A64S or PC-AR controllers, the air conditioners controlled by them can be operated according to a schedule.
  • The timer can be set at 7-day intervals, and operation/stop can be set 3 times daily.
  • Remote control can be prohibited in accordance with the OFF time (when used with PSC-5S, PSC-A64S and PC-AR).
  • Two types of weekly schedule (A and B) can be set, and can easily be changed for summer and winter
  • Settings are all digitally displayed, allowing operations and settings to be checked easily.
  • The power failure backup function prevents the timer from being stopped by a power failure lasting up to 2 weeks.

Centralized onn / off Controller

Compatible with the H-LINK II Up to 160 indoor units Up to 16 remote control groups

  • Only performs operation/stop control per remote control group.
  • By connecting to the H-LINK, up to 16 remote control groups and 160 indoor units can be controlled.
  • Up to 8 units can be connected to the H-LINK.
  • An external input terminal is provided as standard. External signals enable the
    following functions: central operation/stop, emergency stop,central operation output, central alarm output
  • Can be used in combination with the Central Station.
  • Make sure to use it with a remote control switch. Indoor units cannot be used without a remote control switch.
  • There are restrictions on remote group registration. Please contact our sales staff for more information.



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